6th August 2016

The Kake Dog Salmon Festival will be held August 6, 2016.  This is an annual event that began 1994, put on by Kake Tribal Heritage Foundation.  It is the only Native festival in southeast Alaska.

"It is a unique event, the only one I know based on fish processing," said Peter Metcalfe. "The event got its start as a community celebration of the first one millionth pound of seafood processed during the season."  Former Kake Tribal Corporation President Gordon Jackson and Peter Metcalf, of Juneau, co-founded the original event. Jackson said the festival's founding was "by accident."  Kake fisheries held a local festival and during a board meeting in 1994, Jackson proposed that "maybe next year we can do something different and have a dog salmon festival and we can invite all our chums."

The idea was a success and the rest has become part of Kake tradition.

"It became almost a fixture in the community," Jackson said.  The Kake Dog Salmon Festival continues to bring visitors to the village of Kake and to share our beautiful community with friends and family. Even though the Cold storage is no longer in operation, and the Kake community is experiencing one of the most challenging of economic phases, we feel that it is important to continue the Festival, to bring our community together.

            Please join us!  We look forward to seeing you all August 6, 2016.  Check the ferry schedule for times of departure from Juneau.

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